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The perils of poison

After seeing the Barred Owl this morning, I thought about how it was probably looking for mice and other rodents to eat. I also thought about how mice tend to move into houses looking for food and warmth in the winter months. Putting out bait stations, bait chunks, any of these products that kill rodents, should never be an option. Many people think that the mice eat the bait, and just magically disappear. These products are poison, and they don't kill instantly. Did you know that it takes 3-10 days for the mice, voles, and rats to die after ingesting the poison? In this time, the rodents become disoriented and thirsty. This brings them out into the open, seeking water, and makes them easy prey for raptors (owls, hawks, and eagles.) Many of these beautiful birds die each season from ingesting poisioned rodents. Your beloved pets are also at risk. The poisoned rodents are easy prey for cats and dogs as well. Usually by the time you realize your cat or dog has been poisoned, it's too late for treatment. Say no to poison baits. You'll be protecting birds of prey and pets, too.

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